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Water level on the rise at Lake Almanor but the fish are lethargic

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth


Lake Almanor

For the first time in a long while we enjoyed a couple of days of sunshine this past week with daytime highs reaching into the mid-40s. Snow at lake level is beginning to melt and water level is on the rise, up a foot since last week. Hamilton Branch is depositing large volumes of dirty water. The break in the weather was short lived as we have chances of precipitation each of the next seven days. There is a winter storm warning in effect through today, Monday, and a winter storm watch tomorrow evening through Wednesday. The storms will be a mixture of snow and rain with no large accumulations of snow at lake level.

Lake Almanor continues to experience ice throughout with water temperatures ranging between 32-36 degrees. Along with the rising water level there are new navigational hazards popping up. As lake level rises to multi-year highs, debris throughout the lake will increase.

During the recent break in the weather a few fishermen knocked the rust off their gear and tried to find some ice-free water holding fish. The fish are scattered and lethargic and not anxious to play. Water temperatures need to rise before fishing picks up. Shore fishermen are searching for clear water as Hamilton Branch has been unfishable and there is lots of muddy water flowing into the lake along the shoreline.

Travel into Plumas County will be challenging for the next seven days, and roadways have taken a beating this winter. “You will find lots of potholes with a few crater-sized holes, the Hamilton Branch bridge is a tire buster right now,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association. “Exercise caution on and off the water.”


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