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Water line installation planned near airport

While the American Valley Community Services District’s general manager was intent on getting a project done, at least one director had his eyes on the bidding process.

AVCSD General Manager Jim Doohan told directors Thursday, Feb. 13, that he was ready to begin a treatment plant water line installation project through a section of land from an existing well near the airport. Wilburn Construction of Quincy offered to do the work for $83,067.94.

“Our well at the treatment plant doesn’t supply enough water for the new treatment plant,” Doohan explained to directors.

To meet that need required when the new treatment plant is a reality, Doohan planned to run a water line from one well over to the current operation. But as Doohan continued to explain some additional costs he didn’t include when procuring a quote from Wilburn, one of the directors raised his concerns.

Director Mike Beatty asked Doohan if he had other bids on the project.

Doohan indicated that he had not. AVCSD has used Wilburn Construction for other projects and they are a Quincy-based company. He also said that he could try to find some other construction companies in the area that might be interested in bidding.

Beatty indicated that he is interested in protecting ratepayers’ money. In demonstrating good stewardship, he said he wanted to see at least two bids.

Beatty also asked Doohan if the state was requiring a bond on the project? Doohan said yes.

At that point Beatty said that the cost of the bond needed to be added to the estimate.

“Who’s available within a 75-mile radius?” AVCSD President Denny Churchill asked.

Then Beatty asked about the timing of the project. Doohan said it’s slated for late spring or early summer. It needed to be done before treatment plant construction begins.

Beatty asked Doohan what the district’s policy is on bids over a certain amount. Business Manager Katie Nunn said the amount involves bids under $125,000.

Churchill then recommended that Doohan attempt to get more bids on the project.

Director Bill Martin then said that the policy should be in the book so they could all turn to it.

“I don’t want to hamstring you here, but we’re talking about a lot of money,” Beatty said.

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