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Water temporarily shut off in city of Portola to repair waterline break

By Lauren Westmoreland
Staff Writer
[email protected]

Update: As of 9 a.m. Saturday, March 4, City of Portola residents are being informed that the water sample results came back clean from the lab and the city is clear to lift the Boil Water notice. There is still a lot of air in the water, so it may look cloudy, but it is perfectly safe.

The city thanks all residents for their patience and community support. Stay safe during this next storm.

The City of Portola reports that a break has occurred in a water line, with a leak starting at a fire hydrant on Gulling and Plumas, the morning of Thursday, March 2. This has led to a temporary water shutoff that will likely affect all residents in the city.

The city has worked since the discovery of the issue to attempt to locate valves underneath several inches of ice and snow and has been unable to isolate the grid that is feeding the hydrant.

An attempt has also been made to drain down the water levels in the city system, in order to lower water pressure enough to repair the leak through a 4-inch main with a hot, or operating, system. This has been unsuccessful and because of the attempts to relieve pressure, water has been eliminated in many buildings in the City of Portola.

As of approximately 4:20 p.m., it has been determined that the water to the city must be temporarily shut off to make the repair.

“Every member of our crew will continue to work around the clock to make the necessary repairs,” Interim City Manager Jon Kennedy said. “We ask residents to please remain patient, as we are working around the clock to remedy the situation before the next snowstorm.”

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