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Wellness through art

Pierson utilizes art in her own life, bringing mixed media and emotions to this piece she created. Photos submitted by Kristy Pierson

Kristy Pierson, case management specialist senior at Plumas County Behavioral Health, has plans to bring more art to Portola at the Portola Wellness Center.

Pierson said art can open the heart and mind, and will be offering the opportunity to experience therapeutic art classes beginning in March.

“At this time, I am garnering interest from the community so that I can bring forward classes that really fit the needs of various age groups and topics,” Pierson explained.

There are no age requirements for the upcoming classes, with Pierson offering space to children in the kindergarten age group up through adults 18 and above.

“Talk therapy doesn’t work for everybody,” Pierson went on to note. “Art activities can really help people identify and process emotions.”

There are various avenues to explore in art therapy, from painting to collage, pastels to mandalas.

“We will be looking at addressing subjects such as happiness, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and other emotions through the use of art,” Pierson said. “All art supplies will be provided at the Wellness Center free of charge.”

The effort to bring therapeutic art to the Wellness Center is hoped to contribute to the emotional wellness of the community, and Pierson welcomes all interested parties to contact her for more information at 283-6307, ext. 1200, or by email at [email protected].

Classes will be held at the Portola Wellness Center located at 280 W. Sierra St. in Portola.

Pierson said therapeutic art could help people work through emotions that may be difficult to verbally identify.

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