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We’re in a battle over cannabis – let’s fight clean

Like it or not, we’re in a real battle here. The fight to keep commercial cannabis out of Plumas County is a struggle and a slog. Our opponents mean business because they think their livelihoods are at stake. There’s some serious money to be made in this Green Rush, and they know it.

It’s this simple: One side has everything to gain, and the other has everything to lose.

Our Plumas neighbors who are growers want to get in on the Green Rush and profit from it. We want to keep commercial cannabis activity out of Plumas because we can’t bear losing what makes our county worth living in — its natural beauty, clean air and water, safety and healthy wildlife.

Money can make any fight nasty. It can pit Plumas neighbor against neighbor, landowner against landowner, one side’s Webmaster against the other side’s Webmaster. It can turn the most critical issue of our county into an uber-polarizing, they-said, they-wrote cesspool of distorted online posts, real and feigned outrage, and general ugliness between fellow residents.

Let’s remember that we’re neighbors and will be long after this divisive issue is settled. Our children will attend the same schools, we’ll see each other at the same grocery stores, pump gas next to one another, eat lunch in the same restaurants, maybe even watch our children play together in Little League.

Let’s treat one another with respect and resist playing dirty political games. Let’s fight clean. That way we can say what we mean and mean what we say online without fear of the other side misrepresenting our words and using them against us.

Prop. 64 is the law of the land. Recreational marijuana is legal, and medical marijuana can be helpful. Citizens Group for a Responsible Cannabis Ordinance (CGRCO) stands with our pro-grow fellow Plumas residents in affirming both.

Our fight is not with Prop. 64; it’s with those who want commercial cannabis activity in Plumas County. We may be in a battle, but we’re not at war. Let’s fight cleanly—with character and courtesy.

6 thoughts on “We’re in a battle over cannabis – let’s fight clean

  • Framing this matter as a battle automatically creates the confrontatonal situation which Mr. Luscious claims he wishes to avoid. People only go to battle when they are very afraid. It is difficult to have a rational conversation when fear is present. I hope we can put fear aside, and talk as neighbors, and friends.

  • We already have commercial cannabis in Plumas County, and its being run by mexican cartels who poison the streams, kill the wildlife with rat poison, leave thousands of tons of toxic waste and debris in our pristine forests, and murder people who happen to walk in to their commercial farms. There are hundreds of these commercial farms being operated every summer, and i dont see much outrage from anyone, especially those vehemently opposed to legal commercial cannabis.

  • Oh we care, we care an awful lot. It’s just that your attention is elsewhere Johan.

  • This thread is exactly why people are confused. Commercial cannabis has been here legally for years. Every tax paying citizen cares about environmental degrade and the affect that comes with the new State standard; the bad players (like the cartels ) are totally separate from regulations the County is trying to achieve. Thank god local citizens stepped up and a grassroots movement with KeepPlumasGreen.com has started.

  • Oh dear. More greedy outrage.

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