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What else was on the supervisors’ agenda?

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors addressed a number of issues during the May 2 meeting in addition to the camping ordinance and response to the Sheriff that have already been reported. Following are some those items.

Hiring approval

The board authorized requests to recruit and fill a variety of positions including:

  •  two extra-help positions to perform noxious weed control and pest inspection for the ag department;
  • a full-time property tax assessment specialist for the assessor’s office;
  • a full-time accountant auditor for the auditor/controller’s office;
  • a deputy clerk recorder for the clerk/recorder’s office;
  • extra help summer positions for public works; and
  • a full-time mechanic for public works.

Facilities improvements

Using funds made available through the Federal Aviation Administration, projects on two local airports will move forward: resealing for the Nervino Airport in Beckwourth and a new beacon tower for Gansner in Quincy.

Additionally the board approved adding the sheriff’s office to its current cleaning contract – providing twice-a-week service with annual window cleaning for the East Quincy location. Bob’s Janitorial will do the work on the same days that it cleans the adjacent “blue annex” – the new home of the county’s human resources department.

Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Todd Johns received authorization to purchase a truck bed that will allow Search and Rescue to transport ATVs, snowmobiles and electric bicycles to rescue sites. Johns said this is helpful when the volunteers can’t pull a trailer due to difficult terrain.

OES is moving

The Office of Emergency Services is moving from the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office to the Risk Management Department, which in turn reports to the County Administrative Officer and the Board of Supervisors. CAO Debra Lucero presented the request to the board on behalf of Human Resources Director Nancy Selvage who was not present.

“I think it’s a step forward,” said District 3 Supervisor Tom McGowan, who added that it would be more efficient.

Lucero said it was a good time to make the transition since the person currently in the position is retiring.

District 4 Supervisor Greg Hagwood, who is the former sheriff, said, “OES is very different than the Sheriff John’s staff in the field. This is very largely an administrative tracking of time, expenses, people.” He said the change would not impact the Sheriff’s Office doing their work in an emergency situation.

Public health positions

CAO Debra Lucero also addressed the creation of new job positions in Public Health on behalf of the human resources director. Lucero said that Public Health Director Dr. Dana Loomis wanted to reorganize his department which “appeared to create a top heavy layer approach,” including a second deputy director. After meetings between Lucero, human resources and Dr. Loomis, it was decided to advance these three positions instead. “The county is looking to restructure Public Health, Behavioral Health and Social Services,” Lucero said.

The three positions are grant funded and would be eliminated if grant funds are lost.


CAO Lucero gave a brief update on meeting that she attended in Chico regarding broadband internet service. She noted that a lot of people were in attendance including representatives of the California Public Utilities Commission. “They are taking this all very seriously,” she said. Lucero said that she asked about middle mile funding and last mile funding (which would bring interest to local households with the service). Moving forward it will be important for all providers and government entities to work together to ensure there isn’t duplication of efforts.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Board of Supervisors is Tuesday, May 9, at 10 a.m. The meeting can be attended in person on the third floor of the county courthouse, via Zoom or livestream through the county’s website. Some agenda items include the camping ordinance, a request for help with the exploding feral cat population, reports on wildfire preparedness and public health, and more. Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns is also expected to address the board in the wake of last week’s letter.

2 thoughts on “What else was on the supervisors’ agenda?

  • instead. “The county is looking to restructure Public Health, Behavioral Health and Social Services,” Lucero said.

    This statement is quite alarming for county employees who are employed in these departments who have attended BOS meetings seeking the understanding of current workloads and requesting cost of living increases. One would hope that any inkling of such a proposal by the “county” would include the requests of already overworked and underpaid staff and would not create an administrative heavy or top heavy administration approach that would cost the county additional monies. Please keep in mind the morale of the current staff at these agencies may already be at an all time low and any “restructuring” at this time may prove disastrous and create an exodus for any of these departments.

  • I agree. Somehow, Quincy administration has managed to allow neglect to become the solution. The suffering of this town is just beginning.

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