Caltrans advises motorists that if they come upon a snow plow to proceed with caution, keep some distance and not pass unless instructed to do so. Feather Publishing file photo

What to do if you are behind a snow plow

A series of storms is lined up to pummel the North State bringing wind and rain, as well as snow to the higher elevations. Along with the snow comes the need to remove it and Caltrans is reminding motorists what to do when they come up behind a snow plow.
Motorists should never pass on the right as they could get caught in the debris. And motorists should not pass a snow plow on the left unless instructed by Caltrans or emergency personnel to do so. Additionally, motorists should be prepared when traveling behind snow plows as they drive well below the speed limit and may make sudden stops.
“Our snow plow operators are working hard to clear the roads to make them safer for you and we want you and our employees to make it home safely so please slow down, and drive with caution,” read a Caltrans bulletin issued today, Jan. 3. “Remember, road conditions behind a plow are better than conditions in front of it.”