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Ken Donnell captured this photo during his morning drive. It pictures the fire surge across Wolf Creek, one-quarter mile northwest of Pinebrook Way. Photo by Ken Donnell

UPDATED: What’s happening in Greenville? Local resident provides updates

Editor’s note: Greenville resident Ken KD Donnell has been reporting regularly on the Dixie Fire as it impacts his community. Following are his first observations of this morning and they will be updated through the day as he is able to provide information. Plumas News thanks KD for his efforts. 


Conditions. Very smoky but more clear than this morning. Visibility is one half mile. Temperature is warming. Wind are light from the southwest, and steadily increasing.

I drove Round Valley road up to the lake this morning for the first time during this fire event. Saw no evidence of fire or fire activity, but saw much firefighting activity and preparations. Here are some photos from this brief tour.

Firefighting train sprays trees along the tracks where Round Valley Road crosses them. Photo by Ken Donnelldmoo
Several water tenders are parked at Round Valley Lake. Some were waiting to be refilled, while others were departing toward the fire lines. Photo by Ken Donnell
More retardants and a hose lay protect a structure along Upper Valley Road. There was a crew on standby to protect the structure. At the critical moment, a water tender from the lake will arrive to connect to the hose and give firefighters a supply of water to fight the fire. Photo by Ken Donnell


April 4  8:30 a.m.:

Conditions: Temperature is cool. Winds are calm. Very thick smoke. Visibility is 100 yards. Power is OFF.

I drove the Greenville fire zone early this morning. I saw no structure damage anywhere along Wolf Creek Road, Willow Way, Highway 89, William’s Valley Road, and Powerline Road.

By the grace of the winds and the heroic work of many firefighters, the fire jumped across Wolf creek approximately one quarter mile north of Pinebrook way, and then crossed highway 89 towards the Keddie Ridge.

Fire crews remain in place along Wolf creek road and Highway 89 in case of a flareup.

While we have been spared damage to Greenville thus far, we have 3 anxious days ahead due to a forecast of sustained high winds. Given how winds can swirl in a wildfire scenario, we need to be alert for a fire surge from multiple directions.

I will remain in Greenville as long as possible to update conditions through Plumasnews.com.

To my friends and family, please rest assured I will take no stupid risks. I will act safely, and leave when necessary . I will always…
Be calm
Think clearly
Act decisively
And never lose my sense of humor.

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