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What’s happening with Sierra Valley 4-H

By Callie Steffanic

Communications Officer/Reporter, Sierra Valley 4-H Club

It’s the start of a new 4-H year and our 4-H clubs have been busy!

On Saturday, Sept.10, members from Sierra Valley 4-H and Treasure Mountain 4-H attended Fernley Little Critters Rabbit Show in Fernley, Nevada.  The members did a fantastic job showing! The winners are:

  • Ryker Osburn, Sierra Valley 4-H:  3rd Intermediate Showmanship and Best in Breed for his lionhead rabbit, Fluffernutter.
  • Aurora Osburn, Sierra Valley 4-H: 2nd Senior Showmanship, showing her lionhead rabbit, Sai.
  • Katarina Wellise, Treasure Mountain 4-H: 1st Intermediate Showmanship and Best in Breed for her polish rabbit, Darwin.

On Sunday, Sept. 11, Sierra Valley 4-H club members presented our Nation’s Flag at the Rotary Club Fly In Breakfast in Beckwourth for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Also on Sept. 11, members attended the Vinton Grange’s 90th Birthday Party celebration. We were able to learn about the history of the Grange and the Sierra Valley.

Congratulations to our 4-H members!

From left: Aurora Osburn, Katarina Wellise and Ryker Osburn hold their prize-winning animals. Photo by Amanda Osburn
From left: Katarina Wellise, Aurora Osburn and Ryker Osburn display their ribbons earned in the Fernley Little Critters Rabbit Show. Photo by Amanda Osburn
Sierra Valley 4-H members from left: Chance Edwards, Micah Williams, Callie Steffanic, Logan Royer, Colton Royer, Piper Guy and Izzy Ceresola present the flag at the annual Rotary Fly-in Breakfast on Sept. 11. Photo submitted

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