What’s open and what’s not today, Oct. 10

Some celebrate Columbus Day, others celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and for others it’s business as usual. Here’s a rundown of what’s open and what’s closed in Plumas County.

Plumas County offices are closed. According to the county’s 2022 official list of holidays, Columbus Day is a holiday. But since the state doesn’t observe the holiday, offices involved with the courts, such as the District Attorney’s office, are open. Other vital staff are also working including Sheriff’s Office personnel.

All federal offices are closed for Indigenous Peoples’ Day which means there is no postal service today.

The state of California observes neither Columbus Day nor Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which means all state offices are open including the DMV.

Plumas Unified School District schools are open.

Most banking institutions are closed including Plumas Bank and US Bank.