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When it comes to COVID how does Plumas compare

As of yesterday, Plumas County had reported a total of 618 positive cases with 58 active. There have been approximately 40 hospitalizations related to COVID and five deaths. Based on an estimated population of 18,804, about 3.3 percent of Plumas County’s residents have contracted the coronavirus thus far.

How does that compare with some of its neighboring counties? It’s interesting to take a look. Only Sierra County has a lower percentage, while Washoe has the greater percentage, but still shy of 10 percent of its total population.

To the east, roughly 8.5 percent of Washoe County residents have contracted the virus. Washoe has reported 40,818 cases to date of an estimated population of 478,155. There are currently 12,468 active cases with 589 deaths reported.

In neighboring Lassen County the percentage is just over 6 percent for the community. Of an estimated population of 30,618, there have been 1,872 cases. There have been 14 deaths and 139 cases are active. Those numbers do not include the prisons.

Sierra County has reported a total of 95 confirmed cases, with no deaths. With a population of 3,040, that means 3 percent of residents have contracted the virus.

Tehama County has recorded 4,605 confirmed cases with 46 deaths. Its population is 65,084 so roughly 7 percent have contracted COVID.

Butte County has 9,775 confirmed cases and reported 136 deaths. With a population of 219, 186, just about 4.5 percent have tested positive.











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