Where I Stand: About “The Sign”

By Jennifer Engel
Let me start off by saying how disgusted and sickened I was to see the attack, violence, destruction, looting and the death that took place in DC on Our Federal Capitol and towards Our Congressional Members. The images and coverage were appalling. I experienced the same sorrow, hurt and disgust that I’d felt during and after the 2020 summer destruction taking place in Minnesota, Seattle, Portland, Wisconsin, New York, Atlanta and many other cities and states from coast to coast. This was and is totally unacceptable anywhere, anytime, by anyone, be they Republican or Democrat, a supporter of President Trump or President Elect Biden , liberal or conservative, BLM or Antifa. Terrorism, foreign or domestic, must never be tolerated. I would ask, Please, don’t judge the many millions of good people on all sides, by the actions of the few. The same standards of law, order and punishment Must be Applied to all sides, the left, the right or in between, not just used for a special category of people.
Now, about “The Sign”:
The fact is that approximately 75 million votes were cast for President Trump. The majority of those voters, along with some 30 percent of Democrats later surveyed, do not believe November’s election was fair or that we still have an election process that is not tainted. There are numerous accounts and sworn affidavits of serious voter fraud. Many, still believing that President Trump won the November election. There are still many questions. We need the right to honest information, investigations and answers concerning voter fraud and the confusion that will continue until we have serious voting integrate and standards.
The truth is my husband, Jeff Engel, Our District 5 Supervisor, had decided to take the political sign down much earlier. Following an earlier vandalism to our property, previous sign and lights, I asked Jeff to put up a new replacement sign. I asked him to leave the sign on our gate until Jan. 7, 2021. I was looking forward to Congress meeting, for their joint session, with the sole purpose of counting and certification of the Electoral College votes. I, as many others, were hoping Congress would return  questionable electoral votes to their respective state, giving them 10 days to review and investigate their ballots and voting systems. Unfortunately, the riots broke out while the Congress was in session, debating and gathering the facts and information needed from both sides.
“The Sign” was removed about the same time the photo and article appeared on the Plumas News website. I definitely did not cave-in nor sell-out to any political pressure.
I believe this matter could have totally been avoided had different choices been made. I might have suggested the editor hold the article for a day or two and encouraged “Anonymous” to stop by and ask about “The Sign.” To speak directly to me first. If, in turn, I would have responded in a negatively or in rude manner, then go ahead and publish the article.
As an aside, if memory serves me right, I believe the Plumas News editor was married to one of our County Supervisors. I’m thinking you both agreed on most matters but that he was supportive of  your freedom to make decisions and the opportunity to think and act for yourself — as does Jeff for me.
Being a Christian, I believe everything happens for a reason, often referred to as an opportunity, chance or choice. In reading the posts on the Plumas News Facebook page, I’ve noticed the many different responses. The words and attitudes people have chosen, some positive, some negative. The blowback says a lot about us and who we are.
I would like to extend an olive branch to “Anonymous.” Please contact me at P.O. Box 90, Clio 96106. I’d like to meet for lunch, my treat, and calmly discuss our differences. If we know each other already, the invitation’s the same. I Give You My Word, you will Remain anonymous. Only You, The Editor and Myself will know who you are.
I try to do what’s right, help and love others be obedient to God and live by “The Golden Rule.” I Believe God is in control of all things and will leave “The Sign” matter In His hands. Scripture tells us; Blessed Be The Peacemakers. My hope is that I/we would look for the Good in each other and be Peacemakers. May 2021, this New Year be Filled with Truth, Unity, Peace and Love.
May God Bless Each of Us and Our President, now and to come. May God our Republic, Our Constitution and the Freedoms it Guarantees —
Let Freedom Ring!