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The Historic Taylorsville Hall is the setting for many events including the community supper — such as this one held last December. Photo submitted

Where I Stand: Grange vs Historic Taylorsville Hall – how you can help


By Ken Donnell

Board chairman, Historic Taylorsville Hall

As chair of the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization – Historic Taylorsville Hall – I wish to share some brief comments to the community regarding how I believe we can most efficiently and effectively secure the continued long-term availability for this facility to the local community.  

First, The Historic Taylorsville Hall is both:

  a facility for use by the local community, and

– a non-profit organization comprised of local community members who collectively presently own and operate this facility, pay utilities, taxes, insurance, etc.

Second, this matter is a pending lawsuit, which requires that both parties must communicate in a timely and respectful manner.  The court is organized to be an impartial and independent arbiter of the lawsuit, and the court expects and rewards respectful and proper behavior.  We must never devolve into anger and we must never be afraid to communicate with the Grange in hope of achieving a reasonable settlement of their legal claim for ownership of this real property called the Historic Taylorsville Hall (HTH –  previously the Indian Valley Grange 439).   

Third, I recommend that persons hoping  to keep this facility available to the local community will become active members of the HTH organization.  The next membership meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 17, approximately 6 p.m. (immediately following the community supper at the Hall that same evening).   Any local person is welcome to join our group and become an active member, and decision maker, for our organization.  People who “walk their talk” by taking action to join and help are the heroes who will most help save the Historic Taylorsville Hall for everyone.  

Fourth, another action I recommend every local person take is to make active and regular use of the Historic Taylorsville Hall.  This can be done as an outside person or organization, or by members of the HTH organization organizing HTH sponsored events and activities.   The more active this facility becomes, and the more persons there are who become involved with its use and care, the more powerful we will become to counter the legal actions against us.   

There is presently much truth to the old adage of “Use it or lose it.”   Does the local community  care enough about, and really need  the HTH greatly enough, so this facility will becomes a place so special and magical (before the whole world), that we become invulnerable to attack . which may compel our adversaries to finally sit down and reasonably negotiate with us.  

This ability is within our grasp if we act as a unified community that is fully engaged to save the Historic Taylorsville Hall.  

We hope to see everyone reading this message at our July 17, 2023 meeting, 6 p.m. at the HTH.  

2 thoughts on “Where I Stand: Grange vs Historic Taylorsville Hall – how you can help

  • Our family attends meetings and dinners many times during any given month.

    The North Fork Recovery Project meeting was held here last night and was well attended.

    We need this central point in our close knit community.

  • This is also posted on Facebook:
    Hello, my name is Don Spencer. I recently moved to Taylorsville with my wife Lenore. I read the letter online regarding the pending lawsuit and the efforts to increase the activity at the Hall.

    We have operated professional karaoke shows in the Santa Cruz area and previously in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We would like to offer running a weekly or monthly show at the Hall.

    We may not be available on 7/17 for your meeting. But if you would like to exchange ideas, let me know here. or you can email me at [email protected].

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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