Where I Stand: Historic Taylorsville Hall’s fate now in court; public’s help needed

By Ken Donnell

Chair – Board of Directors, Historic Taylorsville Hall

Dear Community Members,

Along with my fellow Board of Directors for the Historic Taylorsville Hall, Kevin Goss and Doti McDowell, I must inform you that the National Grange has filed a lawsuit to take ownership of the Historic Taylorsville Hall property away from the local community members. Despite the reality that the National Grange has not paid a single cent towards the purchase or upkeep of the Historic Taylorsville Hall, including payment of insurance and property taxes, the National Grange is successfully using the courts to remove local control of former Grange Hall properties from communities all across California. Over the coming months, as this lawsuit works its way through the Plumas Superior Court, we will provide updates about the status of this lawsuit, and the history leading to the present situation on the Hall’s Face book page, Historic Taylorsville Hall.


It is likely that the Grange will make an effort to hide the true motivations for their actions, but the simple truth is that it is all about money. As the Grange continues its attempt to claim ownership of these local properties, this lawsuit against the Historic Taylorsville Hall is the result.

At present, the deed to our property is held by the members of the Historic Taylorsville Hall through their elected Board of Directors. This is how the original deed for the property was drafted when the Historic Taylorsville Hall was first purchased from the Sons of the Golden West back in 1933. This tradition of local ownership has continued uninterrupted to the present day.

The membership and Board of Directors for the Historic Taylorsville Hall are determined to fight against the greed of the National Grange.  But we cannot succeed by ourselves.  We ask our fellow community members to help us by joining our fight against the National Grange and their high-priced lawyers to keep this wonderful asset as it was intended: of, by and for you, the community members. We welcome anyone in the community to become a member of the Historic Taylorsville Hall. We encourage anyone and everyone to utilize the Hall for activities, events and gatherings. We invite our fellow community members to be a part of the future of this wonderful place.  Also, we are holding the annual Taylorsville Rodeo Dance on Saturday, July 3, at the Historic Taylorsville Hall. Rodeo on Sunday, July 4th.

More information about membership and use of the Historic Taylorsville Hall is available from our current president, Dan Kearns. He can be reached at 949.395.3694, or by email at [email protected] .  Again, more information about the Historic Taylorsville Hall is also available on Facebook. We hope you will join us in our efforts to keep ownership of the Historic Taylorsville Hall by and for the local community.