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Where I Stand: Plumas County Probation continues its work amid pandemic

By Joe Lee

As we see portions of our criminal justice system struggling with the question of how to effectively function amid this pandemic, Plumas County Probation Officers are all working diligently to keep the court process rolling in a timely fashion for our clients and our community.

Probation Officers in Plumas County supervise a wide range of caseloads from the Deferred Entry of Judgment and Proposition 36 drug rehabilitation programs, to the DUI, Domestic Violence, and Post Release Community Supervision cases to name a few. Using available technology to communicate with the Courts and Public Defenders to prevent unnecessary delays remains imperative.

In Plumas County, Probation Officers are successfully finding ways to not only hold clients accountable for malfeasance but also to bring a client’s positive progress to light before the Court.

Deputy Probation Officer Cydney Piper, who has been with Plumas County for over four years, supervises the County’s DEJ and Prop 36 caseloads and knows the importance of this communication. Officer Piper stated, “Knowing that the Court is being informed of their achievements and being recognized by a Judge is a key component to encourage clients to continue down a sober path.”

Officer Piper has not let the COVID-19 and social distancing orders stop the positive progress her clients have made and has continued to submit progress reports to the Court, which has led to seven of her clients graduating from their program successfully and on time.


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