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Where We Stand: Indian Valley Community Services District Speaks Out

     Indian Valley Community Services District has promising news to share with the community as a follow-up to the column that was published a few months ago explaining the district’s precarious position.

     First, we must recognize the work of Assemblywoman Megan Dahle in securing a $7 million state appropriation for the district. These funds – flowing through CalOES – are expected to be received by the district before the end of the year. As of the publish date of this column, the district is unaware of any constraints on the use of the funds; the legislative language authorizing the appropriation specified only that funds were to be used for “…Dixie Fire…recovery and rebuilding…”.

     Practically speaking, these funds will allow the district to keep the doors open and will address some of the most critical and time-sensitive needs we face. Rough estimates of repairing (or in some case replacing) local water, sewer, and fire suppression infrastructure throughout the district are well over the $20 million mark. The district continues to search and apply for grants and other funding for our main projects – rebuilding the Greenville Fire Station along with the Greenville water treatment plant, automating and securing the drinking water systems, and replacing the aging water distribution and sewer collection systems.

     IVCSD is committed to restoring and maintaining our recreational properties – parks and a pool in Greenville and Taylorsville – so the community can fully enjoy these gems. We thank the leaders and boosters of local recreation leagues as well as the Indian Valley Recreation and Parks District for their dedication to programming activities. Our district is working with volunteers from the Dixie Fire Collaborative and the Greenville Rotary Club to design and identify funding for significant upgrades to the Greenville park and we will continue making improvements to the park and pool in Taylorsville.

     Operationally, IVCSD has made significant changes to its staffing in the last few months. The district is currently hiring for both administrative and field positions with excellent benefits and pay ranging from around $20 up to over $45 per hour (depending on job classification and experience). If you or someone you know is interested in truly rebuilding Greenville, we encourage you to visit our website at www.indianvalleycsd.com and apply.

     IVCSD has a particular need for maintenance workers and water operators. No experience? Not a problem – we will train you, help you to obtain the appropriate water and wastewater operator certificates, and set you on a solid career path. 

     Financially, the district has begun a water and wastewater rate study to evaluate the costs of our services. This exercise — which is typically done once or twice per decade — is complicated by the many unknowns about how quickly home and business owners will rebuild. We are working closely with Dixie Fire Collaborative on an ongoing basis to assess the number of planned build-backs and clear some of the mist out of the crystal ball.

     Moving forward, IVCSD is completely focused on building community trust and delivering quality services to customers and residents. We appreciate your patience as we forge a new path for the district — for you.

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