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Kayakers will be able to enjoy whitewater flows on the North Fork Feather River over the upcoming weekend. File photo by Mari Erin Roth

White water rapids attract extreme athletes

The last Pacific Gas and Electric release of the season was not all fun and games, although there was a good deal of that going on, there was a race or two as well.

Actually, there were 14 timed races over the weekend-long event Sept. 23 and 24. The PG&E releases on the Feather River attract stiff and rugged competition from all over the western United States.

The “Featherfest” event includes a big film festival Friday night and marks the last release of the season. White water seekers will have to make due with what Mother Nature provides until next year in early summer for the next organized paddle fest on the Feather River class IV and V runs.

Tobin Class V Downriver

Men’s Long Boats (over 9 ft.)

Extreme sports enthusiasts take silliness in stride as they get in some serious talk about the water challenges they are about to undertake.

1st Issac Levinson 13:08

2nd Dan Menten 13:11

3rd Matias Lopez 13:16

Men’s Short Boats (under 9 ft.)

1st Issac Levinson 13:55

2nd Matias Lopez 14:01

3rd Will Pruett 14:18

Women’s Long Boat Class

1st Tracy Young 14:14

Women’s Short Boat Class

1st Sage Donnelly 14:43

2nd Tracy Young 15:00

3rd Sara James 16:45


1st Cameron O’Conner 14:52

2nd Nathan O’Conner 15:58

3rd Aaron Anderson 16:35

Rock Creek Class III Slalom

Men’s Composite Boats Time

1st Mark Holcomb 67.00

2nd Rob Swain 82.00

3rd Craig Irwin 101.00

Men’s Plastic Boats

1st Joshua Foster 71.00

2nd Roland McNutt 79.00

3rd Jevon Hamilton 85.00

Women’s Composite Boats

Rafters join in the whitewater fun.

1st Sage Donnelly 57.00

2nd Svetlana Platonova 63.00

Women’s Plastic Boats

1st Sue Norman 71.00

2nd Caitlin Scheder-Bieshin

3rd Elena Maklashina 160.00

Canoe, Closed Deck C-1

1st Sage Donnelly 61.00

2nd Lachlan Bassett 63.00

3rd Dan Menten 67.00

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