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Will school begin as planned Aug. 31?

Plumas County students were scheduled to be in class this week, but both Plumas Charter and Plumas Unified School District delayed the start until Aug. 31 due to the wildfires.

But those wildfires are still here so what does that mean for the start of the new school year?

According to Plumas Unifies School District Superintendent Terry Oestreich, as of now, school will begin Monday. Oestreich said that the extra week has given teachers more time to prepare for their students and for more independent study teachers to be trained.

When asked if there was a chance that Quincy instruction could be delayed to a later date while other students across the county begin Aug. 31, Oestreich said that with the new master schedule that would be difficult. With the new schedule, high school teachers are providing classes remotely to a variety of students, not just those at their own school. This provides students more learning options.

Taletha Washburn, the executive director of Plumas Charter School, said the leadership team is meeting to discuss the situation.


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