In front from left, Simon Becwar-Berry, Jackson Brenzovich, Madeline Baker and Elyssa Glib. In back from left, Amelia Hereford, Sam Kleb, Rowen Lampe, Kate Baker, Marley Linford, Kaleb Dupras, Luke Collette, Taylor Phinney (celebrity rider for Education First Pro cycling team) and Toby Dupras. Photo by Debbie Collette

Will wash bikes for … bikes

Kids washing double-wheeled steeds after the Grinduro race were very much appreciated as evidenced by the long line of riders with muddy bicycles ready to drop of their mounts after the long ride down Mount Hough. “We washed over 300 bikes,” said Composite Bike Club supporter Debbie Collette.

“It was an incredible day!”

The husband and wife team coaching the young riders are Brett Marty and Dana Luddington. The young married couple were riding in Grinduro so the team got to wash the coaches bikes when the athletic pair crossed the finish line.

The piece de resistance came with the final bike that road into the wash station. Celebrity rider Taylor Phinney delivered his mud-laden ride after completing the course. The 28-year-old professional athlete claims hometowns of Boulder, Colorado; Girona, Spain; and Los Angeles, and rides for Education First Pro Cycling.

Lost Sierra Composite (LSC) is a cross-country mountain bike team formed in spring 2019 for all sixth- through 12th-grade students in Plumas County. Riders of LSC have a ton of fun outside on trails building skills, fitness, confidence and making friends.

All donations received for LSC go toward equipment the team needs: canopy, bike racks, helmets, first aid kits, bike trailer, etc. Their site is