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From the beginning ... it was love for Wayne and Irene Wilson who celebrated 73 years of marriage on March 13. Photo submitted

Wilsons of Taylorsville celebrate 73 years of marriage


By Andrea Singer

Wayne and Irene Wilson of Taylorsville celebrated 73 years of marriage on March 13. Making the move to Indian Valley in 1963, they have spent most of their lives together, nestled in the picturesque mountain town. It is here they laid their roots, choosing Indian Valley as the place to raise their two sons, Dave and Johnny Wilson, and where five generations of their family still reside (myself included). 

Irene can still recall the moment she first met her husband Wayne. It was at her parents ranch in Little Chico Canyon, where on the weekends local teens would come for “get togethers” consisting of bonfires, picnics, and friendly games of softball. It was during one of these softball games their paths would cross, as Wayne instead of running to take his place on third base, casually glided up to Irene (being quite the Casanova) and put his arm around her. It might sound like love at first sight, but Irene was a no-nonsense kind of gal, and firmly told him to take his base before she tagged him out. Off the field was another story, their chemistry was undeniable and soon they were madly in love. The rest is history. 

Wayne and Irene have advice for other married couples, “Know each one of you have your own problems, and work on them together. Don’t give up on one another, and never throw in the towel.” Their story is one for the books, every chapter filled to the brim with love.

Celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Photo submitted
Wayne and Irene Wilson of Taylorsville celebrate 73 years of marriage March 13. Photo by Dave Wilson

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