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Words & Music goes virtual this Thursday, Nov. 12

Bob Boschee will be the featured performer at Plumas Words & Music’s first virtual presentation Nov. 12.

The November session of Words & Music on Thursday, Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. will be Plumas Arts’ first virtual Words & Music. It has been on hiatus since March, but will come back this month virtually via Plumas Arts’ Facebook live and will feature Quincy resident, Bob Boschee.

The structure for Words & Music will be a bit different on the virtual platform. At least for now, there will no longer be an open mic portion of the evening. The main performer will start at 7 p.m. and play for 30 to 40 minutes via Facebook live.

Plumas Arts is very excited to have Bob as the first virtual Words & Music performer. His love of music started when he was very young. As a child he looked forward to going to church on Sunday because he enjoyed singing and the choir.  He started violin lessons when he was 6 and played in his elementary school orchestra through 6th grade. At 14, Boschee received a guitar for Christmas. “I taught myself to play chords from a book and that was the beginning of a lifetime of love for the guitar,” he said.

In 1968 Boschee landed a summer job with the US Forest Service in Greenville while attending Humboldt State University and fell in love with the area. After graduating he continued to work for the USFS becoming a Forest Service Fire Lookout which gave him lots of time for the guitar while living on the mountain top at Red Rock for several summers.

“I kept with it, never excelling much, but always enjoyed playing and singing. My debut was playing at several weddings, and I even played for my wife at our wedding.”

He seriously mangled the middle finger on his left hand and thought he would never play the guitar again.  “22 years later I proved myself wrong.  In 2008 I figured out that I could play most of the simple chords and could fake a few more.  I started playing again and never looked back.

Today, playing guitar and singing are some of the things I enjoy the most.  It is my way to relax, meditate and heal.   Boschee is a self-defined hobby guitar player and singer.  “Some day I hope to find the time to add song writing to that list. I play and sing the songs I love.  Mostly old tunes from the 50’s and 60’s.  I enjoy all kinds of music, but focus on folk, blues, ballads, story songs.”

Facebook live is available to view with or without a Facebook account at www.facebook.com/PlumasArtsCalifornia.
If you miss the live version, the video will be available to view on our facebook and youtube pages as well as https://www.plumasarts.org/wm-november-2020.html after the event.

For more information about this or any of the many programs sponsored by Plumas Arts, please call (530) 283-3402.

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