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Work progresses toward new treatment facility at AVCSD

Preparations for a new wastewater treatment plant are moving forward at American Valley Community Services District.

A search for asbestos, lead-based paint and more is planned at buildings within the district, AVCSD General Manager Jim Doohan told directors at a meeting Feb. 13.

“We propose to complete the work for a total project cost of $4,500,” according to Clay Guzi, of GuziWest Inspection and Consulting of Redding.

This would cover only the testing and not the disposal of any hazard materials, Doohan said.

The search for hazard materials is part of the process before building begins on the new treatment facility, Doohan explained.

Since the office at AVCSD and some of the other structures were built in 1981 there might be some hazards detected, according to Director Bill Martin.

Doohan reminded directors that some of the panels used in the drop ceilings might contain asbestos.

Director Kathy Felker asked if the fee and any subsequent disposal costs came out of the funding for the new treatment plant?

Business Manager Katie Nunn said that costs would count toward matching funds required for grants.

Guzi described the process as including the facility’s rotating biological contactor building (RBC), and four vaults within the berms of the settling ponds. The company would also take composite samples from the RBC, settling pond inlet and outlet structures, and the settling pond sludge area.

“All asbestos and lead-based paint samples will be submitted under chain-of-custody documentation for analysis on a three-day turnaround,” according to Guzi. Building material and sludge metals samples would be submitted for analysis on a five-day turnaround.

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