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The initial numbers are in for the June 7 Primary, but final results won't be known until all of the postmarked and provisional ballots are counted. File photo

You can turn your ballot in now

Submitted by Marcy DeMartile

Plumas County Clerk/Recorder

The June 7, 2022 Primary ballots can be returned immediately after you have voted it.  You do not have to wait until June 7 to turn it in.    Please follow all instructions in returning your voted ballot.   You must sign the Ballot Return Envelope and provide your physical address – not a post office box – in order for your ballot to be processed.

The Official Ballot Drop box located outside of the courthouse is open 24 hours a day for your convenience and will remain available for ballot return until 8 pm on Election night.  The ballots are retrieved by two-person election staff several times during the business day and follow strict chain of custody regulations in doing so.  You can also bring the ballot directly into the office located in Room 102 of the Courthouse.  In addition, you can return your ballot through the mail as it is postage paid for return.  You do not have to put a stamp on the envelope.

Election materials are not forwarded through the mail, so if you have changed your physical and/or mailing address, your ballot will be returned to the Elections office.  If you have not received your ballot by May 17, please give the office a call or email [email protected] and they can assist you in the process to get your ballot.

In addition, those residents affected by the Dixie Fire should contact the Elections office if you have not updated your address previously in order to receive your election materials.

If you are not currently registered, you have until May 23, 2022 to register to vote for this election.

If you have any questions please contact the Elections Division at (530) 283-6256.


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