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Your June 7 Primary ballot is in the mail

Your ballot for the June 7 Primary is in the mail. The Plumas County elections office mailed the ballots today, May 9. County Clerk Recorder Marcie DeMartile, the county’s chief elections official, said ballots should be delivered to registered voters this week, but if they haven’t been received by May 17, then individuals should call the election’s office at 530-283-6256.

During a candidate’s forum held May 4 in Graeagle, DeMartile told attendees that if voters change their mailing or physical address, the ballots could be returned. By calling the office, staff will be able to help the individual receive a ballot.

Plumas County conducts all mail elections, and has done so since 2016. Voters can hand carry their ballot to the elections office or mail it. All ballots must be postmarked or delivered by June 7 at 5 p.m. Ballots that are received by June 7 will be counted that day, but all of the ballots won’t be totaled until the following week, as seven days are allowed for postmarked ballots to arrive at the county elections office. Typically, Plumas County is the first to post its election results with the state.

The last day to register to vote for the primary is May 23.

To find out more about local elections click here

DeMartile was appointed to the position by the county Board of Supervisors last year, and is running unopposed to retain the position this year.

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