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Chester Progressive Public Notices for the week of 6/14/17


Chester Public Utility District

The General Manager will propose a final fiscal year 2017-2018 budget to the Board of Directors for approval at the June 20, 2017 at a regular Board meeting. A public hearing will be held to receive input from the public before possible budget adoption. The Board meeting will be held at 251 Chester Airport Way, Chester, and start at 3:00pm. Please call the CPUD office at 530-258-2171 if you would like to review the proposed budget prior to the Board meeting.

Published CP

June 7, 14, 2017|


High Lakes Motorized Trail Re-routes and Staging Area Improvements

USDA Forest Service

Lassen National Forest

Almanor Ranger District

Plumas County, California

Notice for Opportunity to Comment: High Lakes Motorized Trail Re-routes and Staging Area Improvements.

The Almanor Ranger District of the Lassen National Forest (LNF) has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the High Lakes Motorized Trail Re-routes and Staging Area Improvements Project to present the environmental consequences of two alternatives analyzed in detail, including no action. A comment period is being provided for this EA pursuant to 36 CFR 218.22 and is intended to provide those interested in or affected by this action an opportunity to make their concerns known prior to a decision being made by the Responsible Official on the alternatives analyzed in detail. Those submitting timely, specific written comments will be eligible to file during the objection period which will be provided for this project prior to decision (36 CFR 218.5(a)).

The project area is located in Plumas County, California, Township 25 North, Range 5 East, Section 15 and Township 25 North, Range 6 East, Sections 19, 28, 29,and 30.

Copies of the EA are available for your review at https://www.fs.usda.gov/projects/lassen/landmanagement/projects and at the Almanor Ranger District, 900 E. Highway 36, Chester, CA  96020. Additional information regarding this action can be obtained from Doug Peters, Forest Soil Scientist, by phone at (530)-252-6456 or email at [email protected].

How to Comment and Timeframe

Written, facsimile, hand-delivered and electronic comments concerning this action will be accepted for 30 calendar days following publication of this notice in the Chester Progressive, the newspaper of record.  The publication date in the newspaper of record is the exclusive means for calculating the comment period for this proposal. Those wishing to comment should not rely upon dates or timeframe information provided by any other source (36 CFR 218.24(c)(2)). Extensions to the length of the comment period cannot be granted (36 CFR 218.25(a)(1)(iv)). Individuals and organizations wishing to be eligible to object must meet the information requirements of 36 CFR 218.25(a), including specific written comments as defined in 218.2 regarding the proposed project, along with supporting reasons (218.25 (a)(3)(iii)). The commenter is responsible to provide the literature cited in their comment, as well as the full citation and explanation of how each piece of literature cited applies to the environmental analysis. Each individual or representative from each entity submitting timely and specific written comments regarding this project must either sign the comments or verify identity upon request (218.24(b)(8)). All written comments received by the responsible official become a matter of public record (218.35(b)(2)).

Comments may be submitted to: Erick Stemmerman, District Ranger, Almanor Ranger District, 900 E. Highway 36, PO Box 767, Chester, CA  96020, 530-258-2141, or by facsimile to 530-258-5194 during normal business hours (8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday). Electronic comments may be submitted to: [email protected] with Subject: High Lakes Motorized Trail Re-routes and Staging Area Improvements Project.

A decision regarding this proposal is expected in November 2017.

Published CP

June 14, 2017|






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