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August 11, 2021


And all individuals (occupants and suboccupants) in possession of the Premises.

The Premises herein referred to in this official NOTICE TO QUIT at 314 Bella Vista Avenue, Portola, California 96122 with discovery by Counter-Petitioner for the above-referenced estate matter commencing on August 11, 2021 between LISA MAE GELINI / UNKNOWN OCCUPANT(S) and Estate of Mary Lucinda Dill. This NOTICE TO QUIT has been sent by the Counter-Petitioner to LISA MAE GELINI / UNKNOWN OCCUPANT(S) by Counter-Petitioner due to a nuisance conducted either on the property or by LISA MAE GELINI / UNKNOWN OCCUPANT(S) that is described as:

Illegal entry / occupancy by LISA MAE GELINI and/or UNKNOWN OCCUPANT(S) not related and/or authorized by Counter-Petitioner for the estate and who are squatting on the premises. Furthermore, LISA MAE GELINI and/or UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS are not authorized to utilize water services and/or electrical services held in the name of Counter-Petitioner Linda Diane Kauhane and/or Estate of Mary Lucinda Dill.

Therefore you must vacate the premises within three (3) days of this NOTICE TO QUIT BEING PUBLISHED IN THE PLUMAS NEWS.

YOU ARE FURTHER NOTIFIED THAT the Counter-Petitioner does hereby elect to declare that if you fail to vacate or otherwise comply she will institute legal proceedings to recover possession of said property which would result in a judgment against you including all costs and necessary disbursements together with possible statutory damages as allowed by law for such unlawful possession of the premises.

Linda Diane Kauhane

Counter Petitioner

Estate of Mary Lucinda Dill

Posted on Plumasnews on Aug. 12, 2021

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