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Plumas County Request for Proposal

Plumas County, CA


Property Management For Transitional Housing

The County of Plumas is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the purpose of soliciting proposals for a Property Manager to deliver service to Behavioral Health. It is our Mission to provide respectful, culturally sensitive, and strength-based Behavioral Health services which promote wellness, self-sufficiently, and recovery from mental illness and/or addiction. Specific services requests in this RFP are due by March 31,2022 and to improve and maintain Transitional Housing units and services, meaning greater than 30 days and up to one year, unless prior written approval for an alternative arrangement has been approved by Plumas County Behavioral Health (PCBH). The units may be in a single-occupancy, or when indicated in a multiple-occupancy unfurnished unit, unless prior written approval for an alternative arrangement has been approved by PCBH.

Activities are to provide Transitional Housing Coordination whose responsibility include developing relationships with Plumas County landlords and liaising with PCBH Housing Coordinator. More activities are to hire contractors for cleaning, maintenance, and major repair services for Transitional Housing units. The Property Manager will be responsible for costs of repairs needed to any unit done by a PCBH client. All services must be documented, which will be billed and paid by PCBH.

The application should comply with the minimum specifications as outlined in the RFP. The County intends to seek the best solution, based on the representative criteria contained in this RFP for its behavioral health treatment needs.

Please go to the following website: Plumas County, Behavioral Health and follow the path under updates and you will find a proposal with instructions under Transitional Housing.

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