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Susie Vandruff, left, and Micaela Rubalcava display their signs prior to the start of the Women’s March on Jan. 20 in front of the Plumas County courthouse. Rubalcava was one of the first speakers and talked about sisterhood and what can be learned from Chilean leaders. Photos by Debra Moore

2018 Women’s March

The last speaker of the day summed it up: “2017 bounced a bunch us out of complacency,” said Michele Fulton, during the Women’s March held Jan. 20 in Quincy.

This was the second year for the march, just as it was for marches across the United States and around the world.

Approximately 150 gathered in front of the courthouse to listen to speakers ranging from college professors to a local pastor. Following the remarks, the gathering of women, men and children marched down Main Street from the courthouse to the post office and back again. They held signs and chanted, while being cheered on by horn-tooting cars passing by.

Speakers shared statistics, told personal stories and implored attendees to continue the effort to be heard and to fight for human rights, not just women’s rights. They told the audience to find candidates that they could support and to vote.

6 thoughts on “2018 Women’s March

  • All I can think of is isn’t the sign supposed to say “Equality” instead of “equity”

  • eq·ui·ty
    1. the quality of being fair and impartial.
    “equity of treatment”
    synonyms: fairness, justness, impartiality, egalitarianism; objectivity, balance, open-mindedness
    “the equity of Finnish society”

  • I think that as a woman I am aware what rights I have and I am strong enough that I don’t need groups of individuals thinking I am not understanding that!!!!! Hmmm makes me wonder what kind of woman I see out there on the lawn trying to speak for me, I didn’t give you permission???

  • Dang, wasn’t last year this March about how Trump was going to take all women’s rights away and make women live in a kitchen again. That was about the time Trump supports were being accused of being Nazis on this newspaper. Loose all your credibility doing things like that…

  • Go Doug LaMalfa

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