A new class of CNAs celebrates their graduation at Seneca Hospital in Chester on Sept. 13. Photo submitted

A new group of CNAs graduate from their training course

There were tears of joy, giggles, and applause as five women graduated from the 2022 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Skills Training Course at Seneca Healthcare District.

The CNA program is a specialized workforce development course for individuals seeking careers as a CNA. A renewed collaboration between the Butte Training Place and Seneca; the graduation on Tuesday, September 13th, marked the successful completion of the program.

The graduation ceremony took place outside Seneca Hospital, adjacent to the Skilled Nursing Unit and patio, just a few yards away from the training classroom where the CNA students had spent the previous 16 weeks.

Presenters included Judith Cline, CNO; Shawn McKenzie, CEO; Ashli Pleau, RN and DSD Instructor; Tiffany Paffenroth, LVN and DSD Instructor and Pam Valencia, RN and Instructor Consultant. 

Judith Cline, CNO, thanked all the organizations and individuals who collaborated to make the course possible and congratulated the five graduates on their accomplishments. “Nursing is truly a calling, and we hope you are drawn to nursing because of a genuine desire; to care, to serve, and to help others in need.” she said “Nursing, is not always easy, but please remember this:

· Be ok to forgive yourself, as none of us are perfect.

· Be ok to show yourself grace, as you are still learning.

· Be ok to show yourself patience, as you are on a journey.

· And remember: “Always be the CNA you would want as a patient.”

The graduates are Plumas and Lassen County residents, four of whom have accepted positions at Seneca Healthcare District pending the completion of the California CNA Exam. The class included Amy Branch, Jenessa Jaimes, Morrigan Sylvi, Stacey Hoffman, and Tiffany Braninburg.