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A-13 and Hwy 36 intersection focus of upcoming safety project

Caltrans is hosting a public forum to discuss an upcoming project to improve the safety of the A-13/Highway 36 intersection. A-13 is the roadway that leads to Hamilton Branch. The meeting will be held Wednesday, May 17, from 4-6 p.m. at the Almanor Recreation Center.


One thought on “A-13 and Hwy 36 intersection focus of upcoming safety project

  • No need for a round-about! The safety of the intersection of Highway 36 and County Road A-13 would be greatly improved by the simple elimination of the right turn lane on eastbound Highway 36. As it is now, for a driver on A-13 waiting to turn left onto westbound Hwy. 36 it is impossible to actually see an ongoing eastbound vehicle if there are other cars in the right turn lane completely blocking the view! If there were no right turn lane all eastbound cars on Hwy. 36 would have to slow down if a car wanted to make the right turn and there wouldn’t be a problem of not seeing any ongoing traffic.

    Also, the center line on A-13 bends to the right at that intersection further limiting the view of oncoming eastbound traffic. The center line should be straight.

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