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A letter from Public Health to Plumas residents regarding vaccine platform change

Plumas County transitioned to the state of California’s MyTurn platform yesterday, and will no longer be using the Public Health Agency’s information portal. Plumas News published an article about the change yesterday. This morning Public Health sent a letter to residents, which Plumas News is sharing here in an attempt to provide as much information on the transition to the public as possible.

Dear Plumas County Residents,

The State of California is requiring all counties to use the MyTurn vaccination platform by the end of March. The purpose for this mandate is for consistency and ensuring all relevant information is being reported in the same manner. The MyTurn platform is meant to be an “all in one” platform. It must be used for inventory, registration and administering the vaccine. Plumas County will start transitioning to the MyTurn platform and will be discontinuing use of the Plumas specific Information Portal located on the county’s website.

Effective March 8, 2021, the Information Portal will be taken off the county website and the MyTurn link will be available. There are three 1st dose clinics scheduled this week and the Information Portal has been used to fill appointments for these clinics. First dose clinics are scheduled weekly based on the weekly allocations provided to the county from the state. Therefore, MyTurn will not be used until the week of March 15. This will provide some time for those who have not yet been vaccinated to enter their information into the MyTurn platform. The MyTurn platform does not have the ability to import information from the county’s portal. Those who have provided their information in the county’s Information Portal, and have not yet been schedule for a vaccine, must provide their information into the MyTurn platform. Those that have either received their first dose or have an appointment for their first dose do not need to sign-up on MyTurn to receive their scheduled doses.

Once an individual has provided their information in the MyTurn portal, are eligible for vaccination and a clinic has been opened, the individual will be notified via e-mail or text on smart phone. The individual then goes to the MyTurn platform to register to be vaccinated. If an individual is not yet eligible to receive a vaccine it is still recommended they provide their information in MyTurn, so when they become eligible they will be notified. As Plumas County is currently in the transition and clinics have not been scheduled in the MyTurn portal, you will not be able to schedule a vaccine appointment until the clinics have been scheduled. Once signed up, you will be notified when a clinic becomes available based on your eligibility. It is not a waiting list, but rather covers registration, notification, and the ability to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine during your period of eligibility.

There may be some difficulties with the transition, but PCPHA staff are working hard to identify and solve issues as they arise, and to continue the equitable rollout of vaccine supply. See the link for MyTurn https://myturn.ca.gov/ and there is a phone line for assistance, 1-833-422-4255.


Plumas County COVID-19 Response Team

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