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A new approach to New Year resolutions



Lyndsey Theobald

Seneca Healthcare District


We are two weeks into 2019 and full fledged into resolution season. If you find yourself struggling to hold on to your big resolution you set for the year consider modifying your approach slightly. This year, instead of making one big resolution I’ve decided to make 12 small monthly resolutions. If you’re like me, setting one big goal can become overwhelming and often leave me feeling disappointed in myself when I don’t carry through the entire year. By setting mini resolutions, it will allow me to feel accomplished each month when I complete that month’s resolution. Each mini resolution lasts the length of the month and is done when the month is over. There’re really no rules in creating your 12 mini resolutions. Below I’ve listed my 12 mini resolutions for 2019 that I plan to stick to in order to avoid feeling disappointed in myself when my huge lofty resolution loses steam around March!


January – Alcohol

January is a great month to take a little break from all of the holiday celebrations and skip the cocktails for a month. Often referred to as “Dry January” this is a common start to the new year for many people and a great healthy kickoff for a healthier year. For me, I have a yearly all-inclusive Mexico trip next month and a dry January will allow me to think twice before ordering the second sugary margarita and choose water or tea instead. Two weeks down, two more to go!


February – Wake up 30 minutes earlier on weekdays

With the time change approaching, getting in a habit of waking up earlier on weekdays will help to combat the time change fatigue from losing an hour. Not sure about you, but in the winter months I find myself wanting to sleep in a little longer and that does nothing for my productivity the rest of the day.


March – Exercise 5 days a week

This is often a resolution I set for myself 5 out of 6 years. But it seems easier to commit to it knowing it’s just for one month. I’m not setting strict guidelines, just making myself get some kind of exercise at least 5 days a week whether that be cycling, yoga class or a walk. Making sure I get my 5 days in will help me to set a healthy habit for the remaining months. This is one goal I’d like to try to keep going through the year, but completing just the month of March will be successful too.


April – Spring cleaning

This mini resolution won’t take the whole month, but I’m committed to getting all of our Spring Cleaning done in April. For me, this includes going through old boxes and deciding what I should keep and what should be donated. Cleaning out our guest room closets and our walk-in master closet is a top priority this month.


May – Social media

I’m devoting May to spending less time on Instagram and Facebook. Too often I find myself mindlessly scrolling through one or the other to waste the time when I could be reading a book or working on a new project around the house. By deleting the apps from my phone, they’ll be out of site and out of mind and my goal is to become less dependent on my personal social media accounts to fill my free time. The exception to this of course will be work! I’ll still be monitoring and active on our SHD Facebook Page!


June – No dairy

I’ve done this one before and the feeling is always amazing, but I won’t lie, it’s tough. Everything is better with cheese! By cutting out dairy my hope is to feel better and not depend on it in all of my meals.


July – Coffee free

I’m setting up next month’s mini resolution to be more successful by eliminating coffee from my life for the month of July! I tend to rely too much on the coffee rush and drink way more than I should in a given day, so it’s time to cutback.


August – No sugar

There is sugar in everything. Spaghetti sauce, condiments, you name it, there’s sugar in it! I’m going big for August and excluding all forms of added sugar. No sweets, no candy, no coffee creamer, no added sugar! Usually coffee creamer is the hardest give up, but with no coffee in July, I should be good to tackle this one!


September – Budget

Of all the mini resolutions, this one may be my hardest. This September, I’m creating a budget of our monthly expenses and I’m not straying from the budget. No coffee shop visits, no new clothes, no online shopping, no extras! I’m curious to see how much I can save by cutting out the random here and there purchases.


October – No candy

I tend to over do it in the candy department during October, especially closer to Halloween. This year, I’ll cut it out entirely for October so I won’t be tempted to over indulge.


November – Packed lunches

It’s so easy to eat out every day during the week. After a while it becomes expensive and unhealthy. So, this November, I’m packing my lunch for work! Perhaps the extra money I save will support my Christmas shopping this year!


December – Exercise 5 days a week

I realize I’m repeating a goal here, but it’s so easy to be lax during the holidays and simply say you’ll start your routine in the New Year. Knowing this goal is set for December means I’ll make better choices during the holiday season!


There you have it! My complete list of the 12 mini resolutions I have planned for 2019! You can follow along with my mini resolution journey at www.facebook.com/SenecaHealthcareDistrict and share your journey, too!



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