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The competitors pose Feb. 20 in the second event of the Longboard Race series. Photo by Chris Coughlin

A perfect day for the Longboard races

Submitted by Lisa Kelly

Plumas Ski Club Faithful Scribe


The day was perfect! Races were exciting and the competition was keen! There were 28 men and eight women longboard racers and the podium was adorned with some surprises!

Retaining her place on the podium was “Calamity” Abigail Marshall; in second place Katerina “First Time’s the Charm” Vovk; and third place was secured by Rachel “The Rascal” Bauer.

The men’s race was won by Ryan “Johnsville” Murray; and winning on his birthday was Plumas Ski Club’s Vice President, Greg “Slick Bottom” Hinds; with third place won by Adam “the Interloper” Henriquez.

Special thanks to the crew from Greenhorn Ranch who bar-b-qued up a storm; to Quincy High School Ski Team for hot chocolate and baked goodies; and to the Nelson Family for a delicious offering of grab and go goodies!  As always there was dancing and singing as people enjoyed beer from The Brewing Lair and Quintopia, generous sponsors of the Plumas Ski Club.

The day started out blustery, but the sun never wavered!  A newer addition to race day activities is “Paws on the Podium” as there is about 1 dog for every 3 people in attendance and not one doggy scrap or ill willed bark or snap!

Happy race revelers came from far and near to see the races and the parking lot filled up quickly, though there was shuttle service running throughout the day. Folks heard about the historic competition all the way to Lake Tahoe and Reno, Sacramento and the Bay Area. They braved the icy roads just to witness this event, honoring the history of downhill ski racing.  Attendance was about equal to last month, and with a little luck and precipitation, we’ll see another race on the third Sunday in March.

For information about the Longboard Races, how to make your own skis or perhaps volunteer at future events, check out the website: www.plumasskiclub.org or our facebook page.

The women’s winners from left: 2nd place Katerina Vovk, 1st place Abigail Marshall and 3rd place Rachel Bauer. Photo by Chris Coughlin
Men’s winners from left: 3rd place, Adam Henriquez, 1st place Ryan Murray, 2nd-place birthday boy, Greg Hinds. Photo by Chris Coughlin
A newer addition to race day activities is “Paws on the Podium” as there is about 1 dog for every 3 people in attendance. Photo by Lisa Kelly

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