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Yum. Sam Rolin and Noah Brown sample apples fresh from the tree at the Dawn Gardens during their class field trip Sept. 26. Peyton Blair, far left, and James Underwood, far right, are eager to try as well. Photo by Debra Moore

A trip to the garden

They sang songs, picked fresh apples, sampled basil, nibbled cherry tomatoes right off the vines and much more during a field trip to the Dawn Gardens.

Kindergarten and transitional kindergarten students from Arlene Stahlman’s class at the Pioneer campus of Quincy Elementary School spent the morning of Sept. 26 learning about food and its origins from Kari O’Reilly and Manuel Boehmer (otherwise known as Farmer Kari and Farmer Manuel) to the students.

Farmer Kari encouraged the children to be “brave food explorers” as she took them on a tour of the gardens where they sampled fresh basil, sorrel, cherry tomatoes, plums and apples. They also toured a green house, hugged a tree and sang and danced.

Farmer Manuel taught the children about seeds — which were good to eat and which were good to plant — as well as about tools that are used in the garden.

The highlight of the day for most of the youngsters seemed to be the hand-churned apple cider, which was the perfect way to cap off a garden tour.

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