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A warm September in the Almanor Basin

By Dale Knutsen

Temperatures in the Lake Almanor basin continued their summer trend of being above average during the month of September.  Morning lows ran more than 5 degrees above the norm while afternoon highs were about 3 degrees above.  Peak temperatures were 101 degrees on the 5th and 6th of the month, with the highs gradually working their way downward as September progressed.  There were no freezing mornings, although lows in the upper 30s were experienced several times.

The basin received 0.95 inch of rainfall during September, bringing our July-June season total to 1.79 inches.  That’s considerably above average for this point on the calendar, but not terribly indicative of what our wet season may bring.  October generally marks the start of the wet season with a modest amount of rain, followed by more significant precipitation thereafter.

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