All clear: Sheriff lifts remaining evacuation warnings

The evacuation warnings for the following areas have been lifted:

  •  East side of Mt. Hough, east to Tower Rock and the south edge of Genesee. Includes Emigrant Rd. Zone [PLU Zone 16A]
  • Grizzly/Tower: Beckwourth Genesee Rd south of Antelope Lake Rd to Grizzly Ridge and North of Argentine Lookout [Plu Zone 21]
  • All of Genesee Valley [PLU Zone 28]
  • Antelope, includes the area surrounding Antelope Lake. [PLU Zone 30]
  • The unpopulated area of Babcock Crossing, Elephants Playground, and Murdock Crossing areas. [PLU Zone 31]
  • North of Mt. Jackson to the edge of Plumaa Zone 33. [Plumas Zone 32-D]
  • Ingalis: South of Beckwourth Genesee Road to the NW side of Lake Davis along Grizzly Ridge to the west and including the Walker Mine [PLU Zone 33]
  • Beckwourth Genesee Road north of Dixie Valley Road, north to the Plumas Lassen County Line. [PLU Zone 34]
  • North of Lake Davis from the intersection of Beckwourth-Taylorsville Road and the Bagley pass Road, north to Zone 31 [PLU 35-A]
  •  Lake Davis, north of Lake Davis Road to Gate Place, includes all sides of Lake Davis [PLU 35-B]
  • Lake Davis Road at Bitter Brush east to Grizzly Road and south to Grizzly Road near Old Grizzly Road [PLU 35-C]
  • Penman Peak northeast to Smith Peak. [PLU Zone 36-D]
  • East of Crocker Mountain toward Reconnaissance Peak and Dixie Mountain and from the Beckwourth Genesee Road at 23N53 north to 28N01 [PLU 37]
  • North side of Portola. Hwy 70 at West Street east to Hwy 70 at A23 and everything north to the southern edge of 35-B (south of Lake Davis) [PLU 42-D]
  • Sugar Loaf: Frenchman Road near Bloomer Lake Road, north to the county line, and the Plumas side of Doyle Grade [PLU Zone 43-A]
  • Frenchman lake and all areas adjacent, including Frenchman Cove, Frenchman Village and Dooley [PLU 43-B]