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All schools, county offices to reopen Thursday

Plumas County continues to shovel and plow itself out of the end-of-February blizzard, but life will get back to “normal” as students return to the classroom and county offices reopen Thursday, March 2, following a break due to the weather.

Plumas Unified was out last Friday, Feb. 24 through today, Wednesday, March 1, while the other entities were out Monday through Wednesday of this week. Plumas Unified has built in snow days to accommodate some of the time, but not all. To meet the required number of classroom minutes, the school will suspend the early release times on Monday for the remainder of the school year. Plumas Charter isn’t impacted because it can revert to independent study for the days outside of the classroom.

As for the county, even though the offices were deemed closed, County Administrative Officer Debra Lucero said that many employees worked anyway —either from home or by going into the office. And many staff members — such as facilities, road crews, and sheriff’s personnel — worked even more than usual due to the weather conditions.

As of yet, the county has not declared a state of emergency in dealing with the snow, but Lucero said that could change if the snow that is predicted over the weekend and into next week, makes it necessary to begin clearing roofs, particularly in the Chester/Lake Almanor area and some other outlying portions of the county.

Lucero said the county weathered the storm fairly well, with just one power outage reported in the La Porte area.

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