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Allison Marie Forney

Allison Marie Forney was born June 20, 1986, in Greenville, Calif., to Mary Ann Kearns and Tom Forney. She was a beloved stepdaughter of Bill Kearns. Allison died April 1, 2023, at her home in Campbell, Calif.

She was dedicated to saving lives, starting a life of service as a 14-year-old volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Services worker as well as a Chester (Vermont) Police Department intern. She also was a founding member and captain of the Chester Fire Explorers. During a statewide Explorers campout, she saved the life of a young Scout and was commended for life-saving action by the State of Vermont.

Six months after graduating high school, 18-year-old Allison began her career as a police officer. She graduated from the Vermont Police Academy and served for 10 years at several police departments in Southern Vermont including Chester, Springfield and Bellows Falls. She was at times a detective, school resource officer and active school shooter instructor.

Later, she joined the U.S. Navy, and served a tour on the USS Blue Ridge and, during boot camp, saved a father of a recent graduate’s life who had collapsed suddenly and stopped breathing. She was recognized on her ship for her quick life saving skills and brave actions.

After her service in the Navy, she volunteered in Florida with Team Rubicon, helping hurricane survivors rebuild.

An avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco 49ers, she also loved true crime documentaries, romantic comedies and music of all genres, ranging from ’90s country and R&B to current pop hits and Justin Bieber. A proud member of the LGBTQ community, she was an active kickball team member and regular at landmark San Diego and DC LGBTQ hangouts.

She loved people, entertaining others and making them laugh. A notorious jokester, she could bring her friends and family to tears with laughter. Her zest for life and humor lit up every room. Her catch phrases will stay with her friends and family members forever. She loved intensely and was loved in return.

She loved to belt out ’90s country hits, R&B and pop songs at the top of her lungs with the windows down, radio dial up full blast.

We will remember her on a sunny beach, singing out loud, with a beer and good company.

She is survived by her mother, Mary Ann Kearns, stepfather, Bill Kearns of Grafton, and father, Tom Forney, of Quincy, Calif. She is also survived by her beloved siblings: Katie Forney, Michelle Forney, Beth Menyeng, Dan Kearns, Daisy Ching and their families. She will be fondly remembered as Auntie Algal by her beloved nieces and nephews and mom to yellow lab Manny.

In lieu of flowers, gifts in her honor can be sent to the Chester Police, Fire and Ambulance services at 556 Elm St., Chester, VT 05143.

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  • What a wonderful young woman she was! My prayers for the family’s strength to get through this.

  • I was blessed to take a memorable trip to Dodger Stadium with Allison and my two oldest grandsons, Carson and Graham, in 1994. Even at eight-years-old, Allison was a natural athlete in her blue Dodgers cap. What a loss. Joannie and I will pray for the family.

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