Almanor Rec District honors Youth Sports Volunteer of the Year

Volunteer organizations throughout the Almanor Basin depend extensively on its network of volunteers; the success of local community events is often reliant on one or two key persons who take charge, organize resources and make good things happen.

ARPD is one such organization that has benefited greatly from giving volunteers. Its board recognizes local volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their contributions of time, resources, and donations to the local community.

This year, the board recognizes Bethany Johnson for her outstanding contributions to youth sports.

The ARPD Board announced “Bennie” Johnson as the 2020 Youth Sports Volunteer of the Year. Bennie created this year’s Kids Night Out outdoor program in a manner acceptable to County Public Health and managed all activities. The response from parents and children was outstanding and plans for next year are in the works. Thanks to Bennie and all those parents who helped “coach” the events.

In past years, Bennie has performed the job of Youth Soccer Manager, organizing Spring and Fall youth soccer and working with coaches, team moms, and referees to continue to bring sports to our local youth.