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Ambitious QHS senior take theater plans to supervisors

By Victoria Metcalf

[email protected]

One Quincy High School senior is taking his mandatory student project to a whole new level.

Tristin McMichael was before the Plumas County Board of Supervisors Tuesday, Jan. 5, pitching his ambitious plan for an outdoor community theater, to be constructed at Dame Shirley Plaza in Quincy.

To date, McMichael has met with Plumas County Administrator Gabriel Hydrick, held a fundraising spaghetti dinner, consulted with engineers, and is planning to meet with the county’s planning and building directors.

McMichael told supervisors that through the fundraiser and subsequent donations his plan has raised more than $4,800. He’s also attached himself to Plumas Performing Arts for the necessary umbrella required of a 501c3 agency.

In a slideshow, McMichael explained to supervisors the steps he has taken and those left to accomplish in seeing his outdoor theater become a reality.

Once the structure is built, McMichael said that it becomes the property of Plumas County. Under his plan the county would also take over the upkeep of the structure.

McMichael added that the structure is designed to be moved should a new courthouse be built on the site.

The outdoor theater is one of the safest ways to present performing arts during the coronavirus pandemic, McMichael explained.

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