An in-depth look at promoting tourism

Tourism is the commercialization of visiting a place of interest and what do you think makes Upstate California worth visiting? The National Parks, the fall colors, the many waterways, the incredible mountains, active volcanoes, the list goes on and on.

It’s important in various ways, for example it creates a huge number of jobs both directly and indirectly. In many cases it also accounts for billions of dollars to a country’s economy. There’s also the aspect of spreading of culture and understanding.

How important that we get to showcase our culture, our way of life and foster understanding between human beings that share a planet but are different, culturally and in many other ways. The Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association works diligently to market our region to the nation and to the world in order to bring jobs, cultural diversity and understanding to our corner of California.

Take a moment and become a member of the SCWA, if you can and check out all the great exposure on the website at Click on partners, and become a member.


The SCWA invests in many platforms to assist us in getting the exposure we need for continued success in tourism and recreation. One of them specifically deals with the annual fall color reports and as we head into this spectacular season I encourage you to help take advantage of our wonderful color change. Fall is definitely here and the colors are coming on strong. I want to encourage everyone to take those pictures around Plumas County and share them with

This particular website encourages us to put our best fall foot forward and share with the state, nation and world the incredible color change that occurs in Upstate California. The SCWA pays the fees that include us in this sharing platform and it is important that we participate to get the value out of such a program, website, media interviews, etc. all that go forward each autumn to showcase us and encourage consistent tourism.

They ask that you share the highest quality digital image that you can, the date taken, the location, the elevation of the location and the types of trees featured in the images. If you’re not sure about the specifics feel free to send me the image at [email protected] with what information you do have and I can help identify the trees or the elevation. Send your images to [email protected] with the requested information and they will help to compile images from your area to create a posting on their website and their other social media outlets.

The great part too is that so many other media outlets seek information from us about the changing colors from everywhere imaginable and we’re more than happy to share it with them so they can feature our Plumas County worldwide. Our local lodging providers, restaurants, gas stations, gift shops, etc. will all benefit from the tourism dollars and the tax revenues will help sustain our important infrastructure. It’s worth taking some time out of your day to enjoy the scenery, take some pictures and share them on.


At our last board of directors meeting in Anderson I learned that our region is doing a lot of long term planning and have big, very important events coming in the next two to three years centered around rodeos, cavern enthusiasts and culinary treats. I felt woefully under-prepared to share our events for the coming months when the other seven counties around have so much going on and planned for the next few years.

I hope to learn a bit more about large events that Plumas will be hosting so that we can keep up with our tourism partners in the region. I was impressed that they have a long-term planning strategy going on and that they have some really impressive events coming to the region that will certainly bring thousands of visitors to the Upstate California Region.

Redding has some great plans that involve some serious investment in multiple areas that will increase the Christmas Holiday tourism crowds and the downtown revitalization efforts will indeed pay off in the long run. It’s exciting to see these plans come into being and even more so when they are successful and the tourists show up to support the success of them. I work with my other board members as a team player and I know that rooting for their success will help all of us in the grand scheme of things regionally

I appreciate the opportunity to serve and hope that we, as a member county in the region, can help with the efforts to boost tourism and recreation in our wonderful Upstate California.