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Animal Tales: A year for reflection; we could use your help

Hello  Friends and Supporters,

This has been a year for reflection.

In the beginning of 2021 Friends lost their lease at our rescue site and began a block by block search for a new home. Finding nothing to rent we looked to buy and found a perfect spot on Lee Road in Quincy in a surplus building owned by the local school district. We bid on it and through negotiations have been awarded the building for a new rescue!

This building has been neglected for many years and needs a lot of work to make it suitable and safe for our animals and our volunteers. Thus, we are reaching out to you for help to begin the process. Our first priorities are:

  • To identify and repair termite damage
  • To check and upgrade the electrical
  • To get reliable heat sources installed. Friends already  owns 2 propane heaters but will need to get the plumbing done to set up a propane tank.

And then there is a whole “wish list” of items our volunteers and Board want to incorporate into this new home—fresh paint, new roof, landscaping/flowers, more efficient windows—but basics of safety and warmth now take precedent.

This year has been an emotional roller coaster for everyone in our County. The wildfires have touched us all and have been devastating for our wildlife and our domestic animals that were caught in the fire’s path. We at Friends are feeling like this building is a return to our normalcy. A return to caring for the unwanted and homeless animals of PC; of nurturing the kittens; of rebuilding our community of kind and caring volunteers and special adopters that come through our doors.

We are asking for your help. This building needs a lot of work and our endeavor of turning it into a rescue will be expensive. The survival of our rescue has always relied solely on donations and we have always felt the love of the community for the work we do. We have had many calls about animals needing help but without a building to do the work we have been powerless to aid them.  We simply cannot succeed without your generosity—and failure is simply not an option.

If you would like to donate to a specific task at the building, help with the work and set up of the rescue or volunteer your time to care for the animals we are ready to welcome you! The sooner we can get the initial projects finished and the building safe and secure the sooner we can welcome cats and dogs in for re-homing. Friends is a 501(c)3 organization and your donation is tax deductible. Please mail your donation to PO Box 182, Quincy CA 95971

Meantime, all of us at Friends wish you a peaceful season that is filled with love.

For the good of the animals,

Rose Buzzetta, Chair of the Board of Friends

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