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Annual Maybe Ice Derby at Lake Davis, Saturday, Feb. 18

Compiled By Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]

Lake Davis

The annual Maybe Ice Derby will be Saturday, Feb. 18. Derby headquarters is J&J Grizzley Store, 7662 Lake Davis Road at Lake Davis, in Portola. Entry fee for the derby is $20 and all proceeds benefit the Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Protection District. Registration and check-in is at J&J Grizzly Store and Camping Resort. The official start time is 7 a.m. No fishing is allowed by participants on the day of the derby before start time. This is a trout derby. Only trout will be accepted for weigh-in. Weigh in begins at 1 p.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Absolutely no transferring of fish between participants. Points are determined by the weight and length of the fish. One fish per participant will be used to determine standing.

Lake Almanor

Veterans Fishing Day hosted by Almanor Fishing Association is Saturday, June 24. The event is hosted by Almanor Fishing Association, Lake Almanor Country Club, Field of Dreams, Chester Elks Lodge, guides and anglers who want to show their appreciation to Veterans by providing them with a day of fishing and a BBQ. Sign up for Veterans to participate began this month, February. All Captains and Veterans are encouraged to sign up early to ensure a spot. Captains and Veterans can call Deb (707) 845-2493 to reserve a spot.

Warmer weather headed to Almanor

It’s all about the weather up here in the mountains. The theme for the past six weeks has been cold; overnight lows in the low teens and daytime highs in the 30s are keeping everything around the lake (and most of the lake itself) frozen. The Canyon Dam and Rec #2 boat launchs are frozen as is all of the lake from the tip of the peninsula to Prattville North. “We received some rain at lake level Saturday evening (Feb. 4) turning to snow Sunday morning,” said John Crotty of Almanor Fishing Association..Lake level remains unchanged at 4481.5’

“We will get a respite from the cold this week with daytime highs reaching the mid to high 40s,: said Crotty.” With the warming temperatures we will finally begin to see snow melting at lake level, an increase in water temperatures and a rise in lake level.” As water temperatures approach the 40-degree mark,  fish should begin feeding more aggressively.

There is a slight chance of rain later this week which should not impact travel or fishing. “I will check Canyon Dam boat ramp on Monday and post updates on launch conditions on the Almanor Fishing Association Facebook page,” said Crotty.

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