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Anything but business as usual

Wow how things have changed for all of us in the past month. It’s my hope that you are all healthy and safe.

I don’t need to elaborate as I’m sure your life has been upended just like mine has. Hang in there, it won’t last forever.

The Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce continues to send out membership applications and we are diligently working on our “later in the year” events schedule, hopefully things will become normal again.

We’ve canceled our Easter Egg Hunt for April 11 and this will be the first time in decades that we won’t celebrate this fun event for the kids in our community.

The Shasta Cascade Wonderland Association has postponed the Annual Tourism Summit from April 28 and we will let you know when that event is rescheduled.

Truly an awesome event and hopefully it will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Butte County is set to host this year and their choice of the Almendra Winery & Distillery is excellent. Stay tuned for updates.

Our next up event will be the Indian Valley Yard Sales coming May 16 and I will keep you informed of the status of this event as it gets closer to the date.

As we work towards other events to come we will be assigning and looking for helpers to volunteer to staff these events, and help out with turning traffic signs for our parades.

I want to get started on the Annual Crab Crack Dinner & Auction for 2021 so that we are perfectly planned and ready to have a great party early in 2021. We’ll be sending out letters and e-mails soon.

Aside from events I need to make a strong case to support our local businesses now more than ever.

I hope that you can find some way to order from them and take advantage of food deliveries or curbside pick up for to go meals, etc.

These businesses were fragile to begin with and will surely feel the pinch if sheltering in place lasts longer than expected. Please support your local business owners when possible.

I’ve observed what other chambers are doing and recommending, and they have some good ideas to share.

Purchase from their website if they have one and/or buy a gift certificate to be used once the sheltering in place order is lifted.

Making these small purchases of certificates is a good way to support the business now and enjoy your purchases later.

There are financial resources coming from state and federal government agencies, and business owners should check out those qualifications for their businesses.

We continue to grow each year by a few businesses and that’s good news as the Indian Valley grows a little each year.

The biggest issue we have though is getting those businesses to share with us verbiage and images to post on our social media and main website.

Please feel free to reach out to us and share those specials, events, images, and any changes to business hours or operational changes. [email protected] or [email protected]

I know a lot of our restaurants and food suppliers, banks, and retail owners have made changes to how they operate within their spaces and controlling the respected distances, or the amount of customers allowed in at any given time.

Be patient with each other and respectful to everyone, and look out for your elderly neighbors that might need some assistance.

Best wishes to all you at this very challenging time and I look forward to seeing you back to normal soon.

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