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ARPD discusses scholarships, grant money, end-of-year business

The Almanor Recreation and Park District Board of Directors met for its regular board meeting Sept. 9 at its headquarters at 101 Meadowbrook Loop in Chester to discuss new agenda items as the recreational season winds down, which included the fall soccer program, judo scholarships, and the purchase of a new Husqvarna commercial lawn mower from a local vendor to replace the outmoded mower that is no longer functioning properly.

The board reviewed and approved the meeting minutes for Aug. 12 and Aug. 28 before moving on to other matters, including a brief mention regarding one aspect of the district’s financials by District Treasurer Susan Espana, who distributed to the board a “Comparative Total Revenue & Expenses by Program Assessment” to compare revenue streams for the years 2018 and 2019.


The financial report noted that expenses versus net revenues in fiscal years 2018 and 2019 for the Fun Run, Mile High 100 bike ride, Poker Paddle and Street Rod Extravaganza fundraising events showed that each of them produced different revenue outcomes between the two years.

In some cases 2018 programs made more money than in the following year, while other programs in 2019 made more money than in the prior year, depending on such factors as attendance and the cost to put on the various recreational activities.

Ultimately the total income from both years was close, with 2018 showing net revenues of $29,128, while 2019 showed revenues of $26,526, a difference of just $2,602.

However, at the time of the meeting, the Street Rod Extravaganza was just days away and so the final net income for 2019 could result in higher revenues than reported in 2018.

Community Foundation grant

Espana said she met with Ann Bakey-Dengler, the chairperson on the board of the non-profit Lake Almanor Community Foundation, an organization that she said has been very generous over the years in awarding local grants for a variety of causes in the Lake Almanor Basin.

Headquartered in Lake Almanor, LACF does a lot of fundraising and also receives direct donations, she said.

“The revenues they generate are donated to different community organizations,” Espana remarked, adding that, “Ann contacted me weeks ago when we talked about our needs as a rec district and she surprised us with a check in the amount of $5,500!”

Espana read from a letter sent by the foundation that came with the check, saying, “It’s our wish that these funds are used to purchase a lawn mower (for the rec district) and to offset the cost of the athletic uniforms for disadvantage youth in the Almanor Basin.”

Espana said that the donation was a pleasant surprise, given that soccer coordinator Bennie Johnson had indicated to her the need for new jerseys for the under-12 traveling soccer team.

“It was a very nice and timely donation and we’re very excited about it.”

Espana said she has already sent a thank you note in response to the generous gift.

Soccer news

Speaking of fall soccer, Espana said that Bennie Johnson, ARPD fall soccer coordinator, did a nice job with the coaches meeting, noting that she “was very well organized.”

Johnson has been working hard to get more kids registered by the end of the school year, said Espana, rather than waiting later so there would be more practice time before the traveling teams got on the road for games against other schools.

She said the new schedule that’s now being implemented has created some minor confusion with some parents, but everything should smooth itself out moving forward.

Espana also said that starting next soccer season Johnson would add a late registration in the fall before soccer games begin if teams are not full by then, so that all the kids who want to play can participate. Currently, soccer registration is closed.

Judo scholarships

So far one student has been offered the first of four judo scholarships sponsored by the ARPD. The scholarships could be used for three months of instruction, the cost of uniforms and insurance for a one-year membership.

Judo classes are taught by sensei Harry Burleson every Thursday evening at the Almanor Recreation Center on Meadowbrook Loop, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., for boys and girls ages 7 to 13. Burleson opened The Dojo in Greenville in 2017.

Espana asked the other board members to get the word out about the remaining three scholarships along with the qualification requirements for the awards.

Who receives the scholarships would be under the discretion of Burleson and require his approval, said Espana.

Other ARPD business

The remainder of the meeting covered the purchase of shutters for the new ARPD outdoor concessions shed before the coming of winter, including employing one or more student artists to paint a mural on the storage container based on a sports theme, repainting the dugout after vandals tagged it, looking into buying an aerator-plugger (a wheeled machine that has sharp metal tines that penetrate the soil that can be pulled across a lawn by a commercial mower) for the sports fields, and the formation of a Safety Committee as required by the district’s California Association of Park and Recreation Insurance agency to create documentation signifying that a safety inspection has been completed and all safety requirements have been met within district boundaries.

The next regular board meeting of the ARPD directors is scheduled Monday, Oct. 14, at 6 p.m., in the ARPD headquarters.

For information on programs and other questions, call the main office at 258-2562, Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The office is closed every third Thursday of the month.

Any person with a disability that requires an accommodation in order to participate in the public meeting may make a request for auxiliary aids or services by calling Heather Patchen, ARPD secretary at the main office, or in writing to ARPD, P.O. Box 325, Chester, CA 96020, a minimum of seven days in advance of a regular or special meeting. ARPD email is [email protected].

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