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‘At the graveyard’ with soup

Pam Keller accepts the award for her winning chicken and dumpling soup recipe from Travis Rubke, a spokesman for the Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum on Sept. 28 during the “At the Graveyard” event held at the Greenville Masonic Hall. Photo submitted

Live and kicking members of the Indian Valley community met their RIP predecessors in an “At the Graveyard” play featuring the three Hamblins named Bill, presented by the Greenville Cy Hall Memorial Museum on Sept. 28.

Forced by foul weather into the Greenville Masonic Hall, patriarch William L. Hamblin, a blacksmith and judge; his son William J., an entrepreneurial Ford dealer and amateur boxer; and his son William K., baseball player and World War II casualty, reunited in the drama witnessed by the very much alive Jim Hamblin, grandson, son, and half-brother respectively. The play inaugurated the museum’s new sound system, which allowed audience members of all ages to hear the production clearly.

The season-ending event included a soup contest won by Pam Keller, who bested seven other cooks with chicken and dumpling soup, her winning recipe. One of the judges commented that this was a soup that took her back to her childhood.

A life-sized wooden goose carved by Mavis Somers fetched the highest bid in a silent auction that, combined with other fund-raising events, brought in a total of $2,551 for the museum, said Travis Rubke, a museum spokesman. Also on display was a signature quilt top to be completed soon, wrapping up a fundraiser that has been in the works for three years.

“We appreciate all of the hard-work provided by community volunteers, as well as the donations that came in from local businesses,” Rubke said.

The museum is closed for the season and will reopen in early May 2020.

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