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With snow every night for the last several days, this is what the typical Chester resident has to look forward to every morning before leaving for work, school or just doing chores around town.  The weatherman says there should be a break around Jan. 13, but who knows for sure? Photo by Gregg Scott

Atmospheric river hits Chester

By Gregg Scott

Staff Writer

According to Weather.com the term ‘Atmospheric River’ was first used in 1994 as part of a weather-related research paper, but is widely used now by meteorologists to describe a unique weather phenomena. Put simply, an atmospheric river (AR) is a thin but long plume of heavy moisture in the atmosphere that stretches from the tropics or subtropics into higher latitudes. This particular ‘river’ is causing floods all over California and heavy snows in the Sierras including Chester.

Once the driveways are cleared, this is what the downtown maze of traffic obstacles looks like.  Motorist beware and slow down. It is impossible to see oncoming traffic and pedestrians lurking behind those mountains of snow and parking areas have diminished by up to forty percent some merchants say. Be safe and keep our New Year Happy. Photo by Gregg Scott

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