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Aug. 26 message from the Sheriff regarding evacuations: What advisory means

With many area residents under some sort of evacuation advisory (see latest list below), Plumas County Sheriff Todd Johns said there seems to be some confusion among residents about advisory vs. mandatory, and exactly what advisory means.

Mandatory is obvious — you must leave your home as soon as the order is issued.

Advisory is a warning. “It’s to let you know that there is a potential that the fire could come your way,” Johns said. “You need to be prepared.”

The problem is that there is no set timeline for an advisory. Many residents placed under an advisory may never have to actually evacuate, while for others, the mandatory evacuation could come quickly.

“We evaluate evacuations on how many houses are in an area, where they are located, weather conditions and other factors,” Johns said. “There is no way to really tell people exactly when they might have to evacuate. It’s just an advisory to be prepared.”

Now is the time to pack essential items just in case a mandatory order is issued.

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