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Ball games are in full swing

By Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]

Sports Editor


Quincy baseball has started league play the best way possible, 2-0, with an overall 9-5 record. They are followed by Chester baseball with a 1-0 in league play and an 8-3 overall record. The Portola boys are leading the pack with the best overall record of 9-5 but no league games yet. Quincy softball are also 2-0 in the league and boast the most wins of any team, 12-6 overall. Portola girls follow with 9-5 overall and no league games yet. Chester ladies are 0-5 overall with one league game under their belts, 0-1.


Volcanoes win in Redding

The Chester boys had an impressive pair of wins over the Quincy team March 26, 12-2 and 21-3, and followed those wins with a tough triumph in Redding, 12-7, on April 1.

“The boys showed grit today with a solid come from behind victory down 7-5 in the top of the 7th,” said CHS Volcano baseball head coach Mike Klimek. “Solid pitching from Barr and Neer backed by timely hitting kept us in a back-and-forth ball game to the end.” Runs were scored by Connor Barr (2), Lucas Klimek (2), Wade Neer (2), Joey Tantardino (2), Cayleb Clark, Jaxon Holland, Haven Chase, and Juan Flores.  RBIs were hit by Barr (3), Klimek (3), Kooper Clark (2), and Tantardino (2). Barr hit a homerun and a double, Klimek hit a triple, and Tantardino hit a double.

“Fundamentally a very good performance all around,” said CHS assistant baseball coach George Wellman. “Special thank you to Kim Clark for scoring the game, and catching a 7th inning missing run for the Vols that was not reflected on the scoreboard.” Volcano pitching was handled by Barr and Neer. Barr struck out 6 batters of 25 faced and Neer struck out 3 batters of 11 faced.

“Thank you to all the Vols fans that showed up, eclipsing the attendance of the home crowd,” said coach Wellman. Next up for the Vols is a game in Los Molinos with the Bulldogs Friday, April 8, and then a home game Monday, April 11, with the Fall River Bulldogs starting at 4 p.m. in Chester.


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