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Quarter-sized hail fell in Genesee on Aug. 10. More unsettled weather is predicted from Aug. 14 through mid next week. Photo submitted by Kimberly Burgess

Be prepared for hot, unsettled weather

According to the National Weather Service, Plumas County is in for a week of very hot, unsettled weather. After a brief break, moisture is surging north bringing daily chances for thunder storms Friday into early or mid next week. Expect some busy days, but it is to be determined exactly where and when, the most unsettled weather will appear.

Isolated scattered storms with wind, lightning, rain and hail are possible. Given the projected moisture levels, especially Friday, watch for flash flooding especially on recent burn scars.

A prolonged period of well-above-normal, but not quite record temperatures are predicted for this weekend into mid next week. Overnight lows will also be fairly warm due to moisture/clouds – not as much of the area’s typical cooling night relief. Heat health impacts are likely for vulnerable populations and those outdoors for prolonged periods. Storms could offset daytime peak heat some days.

NWS Reno Freakout Briefing (8.13.20) (dragged)

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